About Westchester Eruvim (Eruvs)

The Young Israel of White Plains and Young Israel of Scarsdale have established and maintained Eruvs for the benefit of the local communities and their Eruvs meet and are continguous along Mamaroneck Road from Saxon Woods Road to the Post Road. The maps for these Eruvs are below.


In addition, Ansche Sholom has established an Eruv in it's area of the southern end of New Rochelle with its published map below.  Mount Kisco also has an Eruv, but a Map was not currently available.


There is more information on the Concept of an Eruv from these and other resources:


White Plains Community Eruv

The White Plains Eruv extends -
* South along Route 22 or West Post Road
* South along Mamaroneck Road
     (where it is contiguous with the Scarsdale Eruv
* East along Rosedale Avenue
* North along North Street
* West along Bryant Avenue




Scardale Eruv maintained by the Young Israel of Scardale (in Northern New Rochelle)


Scarsdale Eruv which is continguous with the White Plains Eruv

Ansche Sholom Eruv in the southern part of New Rochelle NY

Ansche Sholom Eruv Map.jpg